Dear Beauty



10 Beauty Tips

      10 simply magical and natural tips to enhance beauty


You know you should try something new, something more natural to enhance your beauty.  If you look and feel great at the supermarket, at a concert, while standing in line at the movie, sitting at the bar, on the bus, standing in the street, in the elevator, just anywhere and everywhere, then you will find in yourself a magnetic power.

Here are some of our magical suggestions for you. Decide what you like and what suits you best.


  1. Smile more

One secret may be in your smile: Your smile – simple, straightforward, and most important, sincere can attract more than admiring looks. A smiling face tells people that you’re an outgoing and intelligent person worth getting to know.


2. Find opportunities in situation where you before did not believe there would be.

That means you can see things from different sides, from different angles, in different ways.

Suppose you have a bad day. In this situation  don’t talk  anything negative at all. Uncontrary keep everything you talk about upbeat and positive; also a good sense of humour over the situation has a positive connotation and effect.


  1. Eat healthy and drink enough water.

Be always aware of what you are eating and drinking. Make sure you eat well so that you have enough energy to perform at your best.

Your body is composed of about 75% water. Drinking water helps you  maintaining the balance of body fluids.


  1. Dress yourself nicely and make sure that you have a wonderful make-up, nice jewellery and a professional hair style.

      Obviously people tend to look at what or whom they like to look at, that is why you need to look awesome.

Part of dressing nicely is dressing yourself in things that make you confident and happy.


  1. Be among positive people.

Practice socializing with people that love to be challenged, people that view failure as  an opportunity to learn and get better.

Interesting conversations  will keep you open to improve yourself from many points of view.


  1. Allow yourself romantic holidays.

From time to time, the gifts of a  romantic holiday, love and care are some of the most meaningful gifts you can give to yourself; to  be more relaxed and  away from the pressure of daily responsibilities.


  1. Listen to a good music.

There’s no doubt that listening to your favourite music can instantly put you in a good mood. Scientists are now discovering that music can do more for you than just lift your spirit.


  1. Practice sports, yoga and pranayama exercises.

Practising sports  and yoga offers numerous health benefits, which include improved lung and heart function, as well as reduced medical conditions such as high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Practising sports also supports weight loss and enhances your quality of life by encouraging healthy habits


  1. Get adequate sleep.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health and the quality of life.


  1. Cleansing your skin and  massage your body regularly.

Overnight, the skin needs oxygen to repair itself. And sleeping with your make-up on deprives it of this vital nutrient.

Some massage movements relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and cramp. Massage also makes muscles more flexible by reducing muscle tone.


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